We cannot expect help from anyone, except from ourselves. Where “we” the community of people who are linked together with an invisible thread, who understand each other just with a glance that without defining it, they know what they mean when they say “good” or “bad”, “necessary”, or “unnecessary”. We collect money, from everyone who can, and we provide it to those who need it to do what they wish clearly and crystal.

As a non-profit Company, Sinthesis Media Company needs to collect in various ways the necessary resources to support its operation and activity. We seek to find ways of moral and financial support to realize all the creative ideas and the research projects of our members and partners. We develop collaborations with individuals, public and private entities, aiming to collect all the necessary resources to realize all the collective and individual projects. The support from the private sector and the individual contribution has great value for us, as we wish to develop lifetime relationships with our supporters for the benefit of the corporations and the communities that we empower.

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