Sinthesis Media Company was founded in Athens, Greece, in 2001 with the aim to offer new perspectives in our daily lives, encouraging positive change and supporting social progress. 

Across the same lines, Sinthesis Media Co. Ltd, founded in London, is working closely mainly with corporations, cultural and heritage organizations, universities and academics, creative professionals, audiences, and local communities, its mission is to develop collaborative projects around different research and practical areas, focusing on four main strands:


Sinthesis Media Company Greece is a leading cultural company with the mission to promote art & culture, education and social action in Greece and across Europe. It has been active in producing thousands of performances, exhibitions and art events and in supporting activist and education endeavors in some of the most prestigious venues of Greece, as well as numerous alternatives spaces and public places. Most specifically, Sinthesis activity in Athens includes:

Artistic Production
Social Action & Education Programmes
Athens Fringe Network (Fringe Festival)
Vryssaki, Living Space of Art & Action
Promotion of Greek culture internationally

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